The Irresistible Charm of Insanity

The Irresistible Charm of Insanity

Ricardo Kelmer – Novel – Miragem Editorial 2019
Translation: Luciano Espírito Santo

Luca is a musician who likes to have control of everything in his life. He becomes involved with Isadora, a Taoist wanderer who believes he is the reincarnation of her master and lover from the 16th century. He will embark on a strange and adventurous journey that blurs the boundaries of sanity and madness, dream and reality, only to find that he has to figure out his true identity before he deserves the woman he loves.

In this unusual love story that takes place simultaneously in Spain in the 16th century and Brazil in the 21st century, flashes of déjà-vu (the feeling that you have witnessed or experienced a situation previously) are time portals through which we come in contact with past lives.

Blues, sex and double shots of whiskey. Dreams, mystical experiences, and secret societies. Funny and exciting, The Irresistible Charm of Insanity explores the intriguing possibilities of time, space, life and whatever it is that we may call “self.”


IMG ICI Ingles capa 03aThe tale of Luca and Isadora is actually comprised of two stories. One takes place in the 21st century, on the northeastern coast of Brazil, in the nightlife and musical performance scene; the other happened in the 16th century, in a world of political and religious turmoil, secret societies and mysterious rituals.

Did it really happen? Maybe it would be more accurate to say that both stories are in the making, interweaving and influencing each other, inducing the characters to experience their existence in an unusual way, questioning their notions of life and death and dragging life towards/across the dangerous and exciting boundary of their own sanity.

Is reincarnation a real thing? Or does it only hold true on the surface level of a deeper and broader understanding of reality? Are there other “selves” living their lives simultaneously? Is it possible to change the past?

Luca and Isadora are introduced to each other – or reunited – and immediately find themselves revolving around these questions. The reader is invited to join them in this intriguing story of love, humor, eroticism and mystery.


> Amazon (kindle) english/portuguese/spanish

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IMG ICI Ingles capa 03aThe Irresistible Charm of Insanity


prologue – 1 – 2 – 3
4 – 5 – 6

7 – 8 – 9

10 – 11 – 12




Lucio Ricardo – Blues de luz neon
(Ricardo Kelmer e Joaquim Ernesto)

De Blues em Quando – Não me peça pra te amar
(Ricardo Kelmer e Alvim)

Teófilo – Estações
(Ricardo Kelmer e Teófilo Lima)

Humberto Pinho – Eu só queria que você soubesse
(Ricardo Kelmer e Humberto Pinho)

Ana Alcântara – Trem dos sonhos (versão caseira)
(Ricardo Kelmer e Flávia Cavaca)

Ana Alcântara – Nas curvas do teu litoral (versão caseira)
(Ricardo Kelmer e Flávia Cavaca)

Lily Alcalay – Mar e sol
(Lily Alcalay)

Celso Blues Boy – Blues Motel
(Celso Blues Boy)


Lúcio Ricardo – Blues de Luz Neon


De Blues em Quando – Não me peça pra te amar


Teófilo Lima – Estações







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